A couple of weeks ago when I was at L’s for a long weekend, we went to bed early after dinner and I went down on her, giving her mound, lips, clit everything I had, loving the taste and feel of her on my tongue until she came, and then she gave the same to me, using her tongue to tickle up and down the underside of my cock. I put my hand to her face and I could feel her cheek hollowing out as she sucked waves of pleasure from me.

There aren’t enough words for “pleasure” in English.

What do you call the feeling when the woman you love puts her mouth to work on your cock, finding the nerve endings, applying the supple flesh of her tongue, even her teeth, to find all the right nerve endings?

“Pleasure” is a start.

* * *

L sucked waves of pleasure from me, but she didn’t make me come then.

She left my cock to kiss my lips once and pushed at my shoulder to turn me over. I felt her tie something around my eyes. It was the belt from her bathrobe. She tugged my boxers down over the small mounds of my ass, and kneaded the cheeks, taking possession before she paused, reached for something and whipped my ass with a belt three or four times, making my heart and cock swell with pleasure.

The pleasure took another turn as I felt oil trickling in the crack of my ass, and then her fingers massaging, poking at my rectum, and then a finger pushing inside. A finger or thumb, I wasn’t sure which, invaded me, explored, pushed past the sphincter to the open place inside.

“Does this hurt?” she asked softly.

“No, it’s strange,” I said. “But good.” She’d never done this to me before, and I loved it, and I knew she was reluctant to do this, but willing because she knew I’d like it. “Good,” I repeated.

After a second, she started pushing the digit in harder, poking into me with hard, rapid thrusts. I liked being taken, abused, penetrated. Fucked. I really liked being finger-fucked.

* * *

I love to take L sexually, but sometimes I love to be taken. Sometimes it is strange and wonderful to lie passively while I’m explored, hurt, tested, penetrated, abused by the person I love. And if L didn’t like me, I don’t suppose she’d bother to beat me, pinch my nipples, bite the skin of my shoulder until I cry out, invade my ass while I lay still, seeing how far she’ll go this time to mistreat me.

I think the pleasure goes both ways when that happens.

* * *

Sweet, dirty girl, to give me such unbearably intimate pleasure. She pressed her cunt to me, moving her mound slowly against my hip, sliding her finger in and out of me for a minute before turning me over again. I rolled onto my back willingly.

She lowered herself over me, taking me inside her perfect cunt and then she lay flat on me, her belly touching mine as she moved over me, riding me in, then riding me out, pleasuring her clit against my pelvic bone each time she moved up, then down. She was wet and tight around my cock, and I pressed up against her in slow rhythm, gently enough keep our two mounds in synch, rubbing her clit between us in circular motions, in soft, wet thrusts.

“I can tell this position works for you,” I said.

“Mmm-hmm,” she murmured, rubbing her cunt against me to prove it. “Does it work for you?”

“Oh god yes.”

She fucked me slowly some more, and then she pulled the blindfold from me so I could see her lovely, hungry eyes before she rolled over, pulling me on top. When I was firmly positioned inside her again I pulled her leg up, pressing her knee against her chest so my dick reached deep into her. I fucked her hard until the sperm shot all inside her, and then we fucked slowly as my fluid mingled with hers against the sweet flesh inside her, until I went gradually soft and we nuzzled and went to sleep together.

There aren’t enough words for pleasure.


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