A little help from my friends

So I received a totally sweet ecard from the beautiful, sad, sensuous poet, Dawn, all the way from Wherever, France. So I responded: The card made me miss Dawn, and the rest of you adorable readers.  I expect I ’ll never meet any of  you face to face, yet you all know things about me that none […]

BILF? I like it

It’s award season again. I have been nominated for the Sexy Blogger Award by SnarkySnatch, whose level of sexiness is way beyond mine; plus she’s funny.  Trust me, if you ever get the choice, go with the Snatch; I mean, just look at this.  The woman clearly wants to meet a new friend. Here are the rules […]


After the first time I left pink stripes across L’s beautiful ass, I asked her if she liked that taste of pain mixed with sex.  Her answer was, “Probably too much.” I’ve never explored hurting with anyone before L.  When I was a teenager during that long stretch of celibacy between the onset of puberty […]

I Got Your TMI Right Here

I’m having a hard time with the “embarrassing” story I’m supposed to write.  I can think of plenty of shameful stories; I spent most of my 20s hanging my head in shame, but we don’t want shame here, we want something embarrassing that makes a good story; something cute, preferably something salacious.  I think I’m […]

Too Much TMI

Well, Mom won’t believe this.  I’ve been nominated for the prestigious TMI Bloggers Award twice in one week.  This time by snarkysnatch, with whom I share a love of writing dirty for strangers.  She shared a seriously embarrassing story, and nominated a number of fellow bloggers for this significant honor. Now I must do the same; […]


1.  Here’s hoping I get my dick wet tonight. This morning, lovesexandmarriage posted her list of 31 Sexual Favors.  You should read it, but probably not if you’re at work. The list is an unbelievably hot, concise menu that hits on pretty much all of the reasons I’m glad there’s sex.   With one exception, I want […]