On the Couch

When L was here for a week around New Year’s, we snuggled on the couch one night, her soft ass tucked against me while we watched A Dangerous Method.  It was kind of a curious movie; much of its appeal was the intellectual interest of watching Freud and Jung invent psychoanalysis and play mind games […]

A little help from my friends

So I received a totally sweet ecard from the beautiful, sad, sensuous poet, Dawn, all the way from Wherever, France. So I responded: The card made me miss Dawn, and the rest of you adorable readers.  I expect I ’ll never meet any of  you face to face, yet you all know things about me that none […]

BILF? I like it

It’s award season again. I have been nominated for the Sexy Blogger Award by SnarkySnatch, whose level of sexiness is way beyond mine; plus she’s funny.  Trust me, if you ever get the choice, go with the Snatch; I mean, just look at this.  The woman clearly wants to meet a new friend. Here are the rules […]


After the first time I left pink stripes across L’s beautiful ass, I asked her if she liked that taste of pain mixed with sex.  Her answer was, “Probably too much.” I’ve never explored hurting with anyone before L.  When I was a teenager during that long stretch of celibacy between the onset of puberty […]

I Got Your TMI Right Here

I’m having a hard time with the “embarrassing” story I’m supposed to write.  I can think of plenty of shameful stories; I spent most of my 20s hanging my head in shame, but we don’t want shame here, we want something embarrassing that makes a good story; something cute, preferably something salacious.  I think I’m […]

Too Much TMI

Well, Mom won’t believe this.  I’ve been nominated for the prestigious TMI Bloggers Award twice in one week.  This time by snarkysnatch, with whom I share a love of writing dirty for strangers.  She shared a seriously embarrassing story, and nominated a number of fellow bloggers for this significant honor. Now I must do the same; […]